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8 Mayıs 2015 Cuma

English Diary (08.05.2015) "Dear Diary"

Hi my sweet diary,

I'm sorry because I couldn't spare you any time for while. However, I've been studying english every day, so hard that I haven't even been able to write to you. Sometimes, I've read english posts, sometimes I've watched educational videos and sometimes I've written something in english. So, I've tried to keep going at my own pace in my own way :)

Also, I've written a story in english. Yes, maybe it is a bit silly, but it is very funny even if I do say so. I've tried using to several conjunctions when I wrote this story. This was really funny. Moreover I've written the second part. I'm probably, going to write more parts in the following days to come (I hope)

By the way, I've explored several websites about english education. I'm watching them as soon as I have a bit of free time. They are very useful. Especially, English Coach Chad's website "Practice Paradise".  Chad is telling how to speak english well. He is a real motivator. I can understand him very well. I also receive a daily video from the website. This is really working

I'm reading the book outside of study english, also I'm trying to follow my blogger friend's new posts, but sometimes I'm missing them. Because, I'm very busy again and I'm fed up of being like this, but there is nothing I can do, Life...

As I said before, I love my blog. I love writing my feelings and my ideas on my blog. Besides, I love to read other blogs so much. I've made a lot of friends through "Blogger". We know each other better as long as we read our posts. So, we are like a family. Although we have never seen each other we feel like this.

We've experienced a sad event recently. We've recieved the news of the death of a blogger friend. She shared full of life posts before her death, it was really interesting. We have read her posts over and over again.

Her death was very demoralizing. We are all so sad. I never visited to her blog before, but her death affected me so much that I wish, I had read her blogs earlier.

Then, I have put myself in her place. I've thought about my blog, my posts, my comments... all of them will stay on forever, even I am gone... This is a very strange feeling.

Anyway dear diary, It's been very sad an emotinal recently. I think, it's better to write about sad things in english rather than turkish. I slog on when I writing about somthing bad in turkish. So I'll come to you when I feel like this. I love you my dairy. You will always be here for me.

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  1. I really like reading your english diary. I do agree with you regarding blog friendships♥♥♥
    I shall look at the english learning websites you mentioned above thanks for this info♡♥♡
    And unfortunately cihan passed away how i felt sorry is really hard to express :(
    I know she shall meet her daughter in heaven . Hope her blog is never removed.

    Yes life goes on with bitter and sweet things. And this is the reality :(

    kiss you honey :*

  2. Thank u honey, I know that you like reading my english diary, so I'm happy to hear that. You must following Chad's website, It's really working. (you must watch this) :) I also, agree with your wishes about Cihan. r.i.p. Lots of love...

  3. Anlamadım ama eminim çok haklısındır yazdıklarında. :D gözüm kapalı inanırım yani.. :D

    1. :) Günlüğümle dertleşiyorum işte; yaptıklarımı, hissettiklerimi ingilizce olarak anlatmaya çalışıyorum. Blogger'dan bahsettim, blog arkadaşlıklarından bahsettim. Deep'ten mi uçtun sen buraya kuşkız? uçup uçup gel hep böyle :)

  4. I think study english is very funny and also so hard.But my english is very poor:)

  5. Hımm that's not what it looks like :) you can try reading my english posts, I sure you will understand.