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22 Mart 2015 Pazar

English Diary (21.03.2015) "My 34th Birthday"

Hi dear,
Guess, whoese birthday is today? :) Come on honey, it's very easy. Of course, it's mine. :)))

You know that I've written about my feelings in turkish on my birthday. However, I want to share my feelings in english on my birthday as well.

Yes dear, It's my birthday; "happy birthday to me"  :) Ooo, thank you, thank you :)

All kidding aside, I'm getting older. So, I feel so sad  :(  I'm 34 years old now, can you believe it? No, I cannot believe it :( It's very difficult, because I still feel like a little girl.

This is really interesting for me. On the one hand I feel so sad because of I'm getting older, on the other hand I'm very happy for I feel more free. And I feel strange. Actually, life is strange, isn't it?

In spite of everything, life is so good! Actually, this is the only truth and what I want to believe. Life is really good!

Life is good, laughing is good, eating, sleeping, loving, reading, writing, traveling, visiting new place where I've never been before... All these are so,so good!

And to be able to get a chance to come into the world is so awesome, therefore, I feel very lucky. And I usually say to myself: "Fourtunately, I've been born. Because, life is wonderful.

I hope, I will be able to write good and happy things on my blog after my new age, too.

And finally, thank god for all the years of my life. Happy 34th birthday to me!

See you honey!

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  1. Oo dear happy birthday. Are you 34 years old, really ??? But you are so young. Age is not important, cause there is no age women :)) And women are always young..
    Kiss you honey..

  2. Thank you honey for your beautiful words :) Kiss you, too

  3. Oleeeeeyy my dear Dilek!!! beautiful girl, wishing you very happy birthday!
    You deserve all the good things!! Getting older is somewhat a becomin wiser;) so that means while getting age actually we receive more taste from life ..
    kiss you baby !!! :))
    canıııımcım nice güzel yaşlarınolsun sevdiklerinle sağlıkla... öperim çook <3

    1. Canım benim teşekkür ederim, güzel dileklerin için. kiss you, too :)

    2. herkes ingilizce konuşabiliyor yazabiliyor bir ben cahal kalmışım :D iyi yaşların olsun geç gördüm ama olsun baaane gene de kutlarım ki :D

    3. 34. yaşımın kutlamalarına 1 sene açığım :) Teşekkür ederim. İngilizce merak sadece, cehaletle alakası yok, deme öyle. Ama istersen, merakın da varsa ufak ufak katılabilirsin bize. :) Çok sevinirim buna :)

  4. Merhaba, bloğunuzu yeni keşfettim ve hemen takibe aldım. Bana da beklerim ;) Sevgiler...

  5. Sana da merhaba. Ben de takibe aldım seni...:)

  6. Ben de teşekkür ediyorum sana Gülin :)

  7. merhabalar, emeğinize sağlık :)(:

    Bana da beklerim :)(:

  8. years don't touch to you because you are childish and soft hearted cute girl :)

  9. Ooo thank you, pretty young thing :)

  10. Happy Birthday and Hi! I just discovered your blog. It's really cool and full of inspiration. You're such a natural:) I was also writing my blog both in English and Turkish before. It was kind a little tiring for me. So I gave up and thank god Google Translate appeared! Well, I thought that maybe I can give you some courage and inspiration if I write this comment in English. I'm your new follower and İ be appreciate if you pop in to my blog: (I'm making handmade dolls and stuff)

    1. Hi Gamze, first of all, welcome to my blog :) Besides, I just want to say you that your beautiful words made me feel really happy. I always need all kinds of idea, courage and inspiration for my blog. I'm really glad to your visiting. I'm sure that you have an awesome blog. I'm going to visit it now, too. Thank you again and see you. Hugs, kisses...