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18 Mart 2015 Çarşamba

English Diary (18.03.2015) "The Çanakkale Martyrs' Memorial Day"

Hi my diary,

Today is The Çanakkale Martyrs' Memorial Day and 100th Anniversarry Of The Çanakkale Naval Victory. So, we feel proud and also we feel sad. Because, thousands of soldiers died heroically in this battle.

Canakkale always pulls on my heartstrings. Because, I grew up with listening to a lot of real stories about this battle. Carporal Seyit (Turkish: Seyit Onbaşı), Hennaed Hasan (Turkish: Kınalı Hasan), Unknown Soldier (Turkish: Meçhul Asker) and thousands of more. Of course, they will be told today, again. Will be told forever and ever...

Carporal Seyit is one of the most famous hero in this battle. He has carried three artillary shells which was about 275 kg. One of the shells hit the British HMS Ocean. And than, the ship was sunk by the minelayer Nusret. It was an important victory for Turkish soldiers.

The shell was not real as shown on the picture. It is made of wood. One day after, journalist have wanted to Carporal Seyit carries again for take a photo. However, he couldn't carry a reel shell and he said: "If the battle start again I will carry it again, but I can't now" And than he has carried wood shell for this picture.
The Çanakkale Battle is known as the bloodiest of the battles in World War I.  All the martyrs who died in Çanakkale will never be forgotten. And we will always be grateful to them. Because, they have fought under very difficult conditions. They were very hungry, very powerless and they didn't have any technological arms... All they had was their hope.

And the most importantly, other Turkish people have took heart from these heroes for to start The Turkish War Of Independence.

Yes, all of us grateful to these heroes for our independence. May they sleep in heavenly light. We will never forget them, they are all alive in our hearts with love, respect and thankfulness... And we always have our independence, as they wanted.

Martyr: Şehit
Anniversarry: Yıl dönümü
Naval: Deniz savaşı
Artillary: Top
Shell: Top mermisi
Sunk: Batmak
Minelayer: Mayın gemisi
Henna: Kına

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  1. Dilek, thanks a lot for this post. I dont know how to express my feelings in English, as it is that much difficult in Turkish as well. Thanks to all the heroes. And the words of Independence March (Istiklal Marşı) explains the soul beyond the Turkish soldiers and how we won the battle... This is the belief and love...
    Do not ignore the ground on which you have walked,
    It is not ordinary soil.
    Reflect on the thousands of people who lie beneath
    Without a shroud.
    You are the son of a martyr –
    Do not hurt your ancestor,
    Do not give away this beautiful motherland,
    Even if you have the whole world.

    May they rest in peace forever ....

  2. it is good translate for the march and your feelings, thank you kreatif.

    1. Dilek for your info, I did not do the translation, this is the official translation , copied and pasted. Thanks

    2. İt's doesn't matter, also your feelings are good, like this translation.

  3. From another point of view, the Gallipoli campaign or Battle of Çanakkale is also called as the “Last Gentlemen’s War”. In a speacial manner in the Arıburnu-Anafartalar sector, there have been times when both sides, also benefiting from the proximity of the trenches, threw food and cigarette to each other, with notes attached. In Gallipoli, one respected his enemies and there were neither cruelties committed on civilians nor “dirty warfare” such as the use chemical weapons

  4. Yes, it's so true, Berkay; it was last gentlemen's war. Guns were invented and then manfulness have gone... :)

  5. Ingilizcem yok ama anladim yine de ,Canakkale üzerine yazi :)))

  6. ha haaaaa aşıyon bak kendini. iyi yazıyon artık iyice yaaaa :)

  7. İşte buna çok sevindim :) Beni hep oku ve böyle yorumlar yap bana olur mu? :)