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2 Şubat 2015 Pazartesi

English Diary: (01.02.2015) "A Boring Winter Day"

Hi dear!

How are you? I’m very bad. Because, I'm fed up with winter. I miss sunny days. I want it to be spring right now. I’m tired of wearing thick cloths and the dark sky. Really, that’s more than enough! 

I would love for all the flowers to bloom, the sun to shine and  for the smell of fresh grass. I love that smell. Spring is very cheerful. Is'nt it?

Everybody needs more sunlight. Of course, I need it, too... I feel depressed in winter. Each season is very nice, but I guess, spring and summer are the best! Because, I feel really good in these seasons.

Also, I have a lot of plans for next summer. I'm gonna tell you about it a little. First of all, I will travel around The Black Sea region. Yes, I'd love to do that. We have even bought the tickets. This is why I’m so exited, too!

Everyone says that The Black Sea region has a lot of pretty fascinating places. It has incredible green landscapes.

When I go there, I will tell you all that I've seen. Now, it's  February and we'll go there in 5 months. Pray for me please; summer come, right away!

Oh, by the way, I've bought a new MacBook. And this is going to be my first publishing with my new Macbook.

Okay, Let's call it a day! I’m getting back in my boring and cold life… See you later!

Postscript: I would thank my cousin's wife Esma for helping me in improving my english.

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  1. Bu yazıda bir de ses klibi olsaydı da telaffuzuyla okusaydık diye geçirdim içimden. Hep kendimi düşünüyorum :))

  2. O zaman bu postu bir kere de yüksek sesle okuyalım :)

  3. ya baksanaaa amaaa yaaaa hani benim kitapların fotosu var yaaaa, onu bloguna koysana ya da bana göndersene bloga hızlı resim jpg ile bloguma koyayım baş köşeyeee :)

  4. baaaak koydum blogumaaaaa :) insta da vaaar :)

    1. Gördüm gördüm :) Bloga da bi post ekleyeceğim zaten, don't worry! :) ayrıca be happy! (Bu arada da ingilizce serpiştirdim araya fark ettiysen)